Even a Model Home Needs an Inspection

- The whole idea behind a model home is to sell it. But looks can be deceiving. That’s why models have every imaginable upgrade, and they usually smell great inside, too. . When a prospective buyer walks through a model home, it’s easy to get swept away by all of the beauty ..More

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The Differences Between an Appraisal and an Inspection

- And if the buyer orders a new appraisal, they’ll pay the bill for both. . Even though the lender orders the appraisal and uses the information for their own interests, the buyer is responsible for paying the appraiser’s fee. This is usually one of the many costs that are settled up at the closing table. Lucky buyers, they foot the bill for everything ..More

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4 Spooky Home Inspection Mysteries Solved

- But this can be replaced. If the stop is loose or in bad condition, sashes can move every time the wind blows. On older windows, the stop is a separate vertical trim piece that holds sashes back and in place or on track. . Windows have several parts. The sashes are the glass portions, and those fit into the jamb, which is the window frame. It keeps them from flopping around. When the wind outside makes the windows noisy, there’s probably a loose sash or two that’s to blame ..More

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3 Reasons Why Building Codes Should be in Your Job Description

- The more you know, the more information you can provide to customers so that, in turn, they can make the best decisions for their homes. . Code changes often, sometimes just a bit and sometimes significantly. It can also vary somewhat from town to town. How well do you know current building codes? If you’re a home inspector, you should be well versed so that you can provide your customers with a more comprehensive inspection report ..More

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Electrical Answers for People Who Don’t Know Electrical

- They protect against shocks and electrocution. . Some people, even electricians, shorten it to GFI. GFCI means Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor, and these are found in wet areas such as kitchens and baths. You’re probably familiar with GFCI outlets ..More

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