5 Common Defects Found in Vacant Homes

- So can insects of all varieties, including the wood-boring variety. . 
Watch for bats, squirrels, opossums, rats, mice and stray cats in any vacant home that you inspect. Birds can be another problem ..More

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3 Unbelievable Home Inspection Stories

- But what he found wasn’t ordinary at all. ”. . A 15-foot boa constrictor isn’t a usual outdoor pet, especially in Philadelphia. Philadelphia ASHI director, Blane Illingworth, tells Bankrate that on one of his more interesting days on the job, he’d entered the home’s crawlspace like he’d do at any house. According to Illingsworth, “It’s amazing, how fast you can crawl backward. But that’s what he found ..More

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Expert Interview Series: Darren Gradus on Addressing Mold Problems in Homes

- If there is not proper air intake and outtake and/or sufficient insulation, condensation will build up in the attic and cause mold growth. . Also, the exhausts from bathroom and kitchen fans need to be checked if they are vented through the attic. One of the biggest culprits is improper ventilation and insulation in the attic. It is very common that the exhausts are blowing directly into the attic and not out through the soffits, which again will cause mold to grow in that area ..More

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ICA Podcast Review: Why Some Agents Never Call

- If it’s there, you can take a new approach to your next reports. . If not, then it’s probably just a case of agents with less work who want someone else to blame for a dead deal. Review your inspection reports and try to find a common thread that makes an unhappy agent’s comments valid ..More

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Top Home Inspection Deal Breakers

- But an inspection of the attic tells another tale. Getting deeper into DIY territory, some homeowners might resort to camouflage to cover up known problems, and that’s another area where an inspector can really help protect his customer. . A new coat of paint can hide water stains from a leaking roof, at least for a while ..More

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