3 Reasons Why Building Codes Should be in Your Job Description

- . But towns also have some discretion, so what’s code in one area might not be in another. For example, It’s unlikely that any town, no matter how small, permits electrical outlets in a shower. Some things are essentially the same, no matter where you live and work. That’s a ridiculous example, but it illustrates the point ..More

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Is There Really Room for More Home Inspectors?

- . And more locations are promoting that idea in an effort to encourage all buyers to protect themselves. No matter what the market is doing, any time a house transfers ownership it needs a home inspection. But there’s a difference between an inspector and a qualified inspector, and real estate professionals know the difference ..More

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December Podcast Review: Handling Difficult Clients

- . And although real professionals strongly disagree, some customers also believe that a woman isn’t as good at the inspecting job as a man. Although it’s a very delicate topic, the truth is that many customers really do judge an inspector on his or her appearance. One of the reasons why customers can be difficult is the way that they perceive the inspector. Youth might equal a lack of experience to some customers ..More

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Thought Leader Series: Use the Internet to Prove You’re a Home Inspection Expert

- After all, those luscious-looking strawberries in the produce section may look appealing, but when you buy them, there’s always the chance that you got fruit that isn’t ripe – or is far past its ideal ripeness. Indeed, every purchase we make, even in the supermarket, involves risk. ..More

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How to Handle a Claim Against Your Inspection Business

- But you can’t know that cracked asbestos floor tiles are hiding under the carpet, because that would require pulling it up. And unless there is visible termite damage, your inspection wouldn’t see termites without digging in. From a buyer’s perspective, an inspector is there to report every imaginable defect that the dream home might have. ..More

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