Make Winter Home Inspections Part of Your Repertoire

- . Seasonal home inspections provide a great service to home owners, and now is the time to start marketing in that direction for the coming winter months. Pre-sale home inspections might be your mainstay, but there’s a wider market for those with some ingenuity ..More

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Clothes Dryers: A Common Appliance with Uncommon Risks

- . Even a small hole in the lint trap screen can let a lot of lint pass through. It exists on nearly every fabric, and a cycle in the wash loosens up many fibers. Lint doesn’t just come from fluffy cotton towels and a favorite terrycloth bathrobe. Where fibers have worked themselves free of the knit or weave, the only places left to go are the dryer lint trap, or on into the dryer housing or vent ..More

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What Can I Expect from ICA School’s Home Inspection Course?

- . There’s more than one set of Standards, since they vary by which organization wrote them. Supporting everything that you do as a home inspector are the home inspection Standards of Practice. They’re largely the same from one set to the next, but we give you the Standards for every major home inspection organization as well as Standards from the State of Illinois ..More

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3 Reasons Why Building Codes Should be in Your Job Description

- . If you don’t, it requires additional study. While many home inspectors have a background in construction, electrical work, plumbing and so on, many more do not. Knowing what’s code lets you identify more defects. If you already know what’s legal for a particular home system, spotting defects is simple ..More

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3 Strategies for Making Self-Employment Work

- But as long as you take it one step at a time, you’ll have a great framework to support all of the home inspections yet to come. If you’ve never run a business before, the learning curve can look pretty steep. . Which forms do you need? And how often should you pay taxes? There’s so much to answer ..More

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