4 Reasons Why a Wet Basement is Often an Easy Fix

- If the downspouts don’t have an elbow at the bottom, which curves out and away from the house, water soaks straight into the soil where it can easily wick into the basement. Even with the right fall, downspouts also have their job to do, which is routing water far away from the foundation. The addition of an elbow or an elbow extension might be all that the house needs for a dry basement. ..More

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Can a Seller Sue a Home Inspector?

- Working RE says that an inspector’s findings should always be stated as facts and observations, not just facts. Sometimes a seller claim is all about the language and its persuasive effect on the buyer. That’s a subtle but important distinction. ..More

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Clothes Dryers: A Common Appliance with Uncommon Risks

- Vent hoses with bends and turns almost certainly collect lint, as do the popular corrugated (but legal) dryer vent hoses that come in a kit. . And if you ever see PVC pipe installed as a dryer vent, Inspectapedia says to anticipate a thick layer of lint inside. The only acceptable method for maintaining them is regular cleaning, although most homeowners don’t accomplish that ..More

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How to Handle a Claim Against Your Inspection Business

- But overlooking defects or causing damage during your inspection can be a bigger problem. Fortunately, you can protect yourself and your customers against it. If you’re an inspector long enough, sooner or later someone won’t be happy about it. . That can be a deal killer, and it’s sometimes unavoidable. Maybe you’ll have a customer who thinks that your work is too thorough ..More

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December Podcast Review: Handling Difficult Clients

- Every home inspector has war stories. When you attend your first inspection association meeting, you’ll hear more stories like yours and more still that are better and worse. That sometimes happens. . And it’s those different experiences that give you something to think and talk about. But just as often, it doesn’t ..More

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