ICA School Podcast Review: Top Issues and Customer Complaints

- In home inspecting, the rewards are being your own boss, making your own hours, and offering help to customers who need it. There’s a risk and reward with any career, especially when you start your own business. ..More

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Clothes Dryers: A Common Appliance with Uncommon Risks

- Unfortunately, most homeowners never see the fire hazard coming until it’s too late. Almost like magic, residential clothes dryers keep on working year after year. Until they don’t. Wet laundry goes in, and dry laundry comes out. While laundry is tumbling and heating elements stay hot, a host of problems can, and often do, creep up. That’s why proper maintenance and care are so important, and why your inspection of the vent system is, too. ..More

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3 Reasons Why Building Codes Should be in Your Job Description

- If you don’t, it requires additional study. . While many home inspectors have a background in construction, electrical work, plumbing and so on, many more do not. Knowing what’s code lets you identify more defects. If you already know what’s legal for a particular home system, spotting defects is simple ..More

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Make Winter Home Inspections Part of Your Repertoire

- Seasonal home checkups can help you reach more customers, and that’s a good thing. . You might live in an area where it’s difficult to keep up with the volume of inspections that you’ve got. The home inspection industry is filled with opportunities for you to build your business. But for a lot of inspectors, there’s no such thing as too much work ..More

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Why Water Heaters Need a Second Look

- That’s why so many inspectors don’t check the TPR valve, and the ones who do are more than a little careful about it. . But these appliances are a lot more dangerous than most homeowners realize. Homeowners use the water heater throughout nearly every day of the year, and often with barely a second thought. They’re dangerous for a home inspector, too ..More

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