4 Reasons Why a Wet Basement is Often an Easy Fix

- Probably as common as gutter and downspout problems is grading issues. If there’s not enough slope, of if it sloped toward the foundation instead of away from it, there’s a perfect recipe for water inside. The grade is the slope of the soil around the house foundation. ..More

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Synthetic Stucco: Possible Defects to Watch For

- There appears to be no end to the old saying, “It seemed like a good idea at the time. It looked great, and at one time it was thought to be a fine solution to finishing home exteriors. ” Synthetic stucco fits neatly into that category, and for a number of reasons. . But now that the honeymoon phase is over, a lot of problems have arrived ..More

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The Differences Between an Appraisal and an Inspection

- Many buyers think that if an appraisal is required and the appraiser’s job is to evaluate the house, what else could they possibly need? For a layman, that’s a logical mindset. An appraiser works for the lender and is more interested in overall home value. . But you know the difference. You work for the buyer, and you have the skills to find expensive and dangerous defects ..More

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4 Spooky Home Inspection Mysteries Solved

- But this can be replaced. When the wind outside makes the windows noisy, there’s probably a loose sash or two that’s to blame. The sashes are the glass portions, and those fit into the jamb, which is the window frame. If the stop is loose or in bad condition, sashes can move every time the wind blows. . It keeps them from flopping around. Windows have several parts. On older windows, the stop is a separate vertical trim piece that holds sashes back and in place or on track ..More

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5 Simple Ways to Stay Safe on the Job

- Check ladders frequently, and look for missing insulation on any electrical device such as testers. You spend a lot of time on your feet, and worn out shoes can lead to leg, back and neck pain. . While you’re at it, inspect your work shoes ..More

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