3 Strategies for Making Self-Employment Work

- You’ll probably get some business from buyers who found your name online, but leads are what make the home inspection world go round. . You probably won’t have a storefront, so you can’t count on walk-in business the way that a new retail shop might. Home inspections need leads, and Entrepreneur magazine stresses the need for marketing and advertising from day-1 ..More

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Clothes Dryers: A Common Appliance with Uncommon Risks

- That’s a bad combination for the appliance as well as the house where it’s installed. All that it takes is the right amount of lint in just the wrong place, and there’s a perfect recipe for fire. . Lint is extremely flammable. And if a fire doesn’t happen, the appliance might fail and require major repair or replacement. Clothes dryers get extremely hot ..More

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The Biggest Inspection Mistakes that Home Buyers Make

- Defects can exist in any home, the same way that you can buy a product that’s defective straight out of the box. New construction can’t have any problems because it’s new, right? Sadly, no. An inspection finds defects with structure, home systems, interiors and exteriors, and that is a lot of ground to cover for everything to be perfect. ..More

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How to Handle a Claim Against Your Inspection Business

- You might not always see each defect in every home, even using a comprehensive inspection checklist. It doesn’t really matter how thorough you are, humans make mistakes. But what happens if there’s an outlet behind a heavy armoire that also has boxes stacked up on each side, and that outlet happens to be defective?. For the most part, you’ll have a system that helps prevent omissions. ..More

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4 Spooky Home Inspection Mysteries Solved

- But this can be replaced. Windows have several parts. When the wind outside makes the windows noisy, there’s probably a loose sash or two that’s to blame. On older windows, the stop is a separate vertical trim piece that holds sashes back and in place or on track. The sashes are the glass portions, and those fit into the jamb, which is the window frame. It keeps them from flopping around. . If the stop is loose or in bad condition, sashes can move every time the wind blows ..More

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